Funding Eligibility

Academic Standards for Funding Eligibility for UC Merced Graduate Students

The academic standards for graduate student funding eligibility are separate from the standards for satisfactory academic progress. The information below has been extracted from the UC Merced Graduate Advisor’s Handbook (rev 2013-2014) and the Graduate Division website, and is provided for your convenience.

Please note:

1. Your graduate group might have additional academic requirements — check your policies.
2. It is your responsibility to determine which requirements, procedures and deadlines apply to you.

Academic Standards for Funding Eligibility

No new or continuing student is permitted to begin an appointment or receive fellowship support who has not met all of the applicable academic criteria as listed below.

For new and continuing graduate students:

  • Satisfactory academic progress toward the degree objective
  • Enrollment in at least 12 units throughout the current semester (i.e., the academic semester in which the teaching and/or graduate student researcher appointment occurs)
  • Combined campuswide employment of 49.9 percent time or less during any academic semester

For continuing graduate students, applicable to the two most recent semesters of enrollment:

  • Completion of eight units or more of upper division or graduate level credit courses
  • A letter grade of C, S or higher in all courses completed
  • No more than two incomplete (I) grades
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in those courses where a letter grade (A through F) was received

Requesting Employment and Funding Exceptions

Graduate students who do not meet one or more of the academic criterion for funding eligibility and wish to work or receive a fellowship must obtain approval from the hiring/sponsoring unit and the graduate dean. There is no guarantee that a request for exception will be approved.

  1. Complete an Employment Exception Request form.
  2. Attach a brief plan for improvement, if applicable. This can usually be approximately one page in length, but can be longer or shorter depending on the situation.) 
  3. Also attach a statement of support from your faculty advisor.
  4. Obtain signatures from your faculty advisor and graduate group chair. 
  5. Submit the form to the School of Engineering Graduate Program staff.