Current Teaching Assistants

Serving as a Teaching Assistant helps graduate students obtain practical classroom teaching experience, as well as assist undergraduate students succceed in classroom.  Here are a list of resources to aid in your success as a teaching assistant:


School of Engineering Supplemental Memo



Instructional Logistics (room keys, desk copies, etc.,) please visit:


Section Assignments
Please visit the following link to confirm that your section assignments are correct each semester:


Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)
Aside from Teaching Assistant orientation, CETL provides on-going support services for TAs are available at the center throughout the year. The center offers various workshops focused on the scholarship of teaching, including topics like active learning, working with ESL students, using scoring rubrics and others.  In addition, CETL provides individual consultations for teaching assistants to provide feedback on teaching strategies.


English Language Institute (ELI)
Aside from conducting the Microteaching Language Evaluation for non-native English speakers, ELI provides semester-long workshops and coursework to enhance English proficiency in speaking and listening comprehension.