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M.S. Degree Plan I

Master’s Degree Plan I (Thesis)

A master's thesis is patterned after a Ph.D. dissertation but on a scaled-down level of originality and length. The thesis should demonstrate the student’s proficiency in research methods and scientific analysis, and a thorough knowledge of state of the art in the student’s chosen area. A Master’s thesis is a description of an original technical or research contribution of limited scope or an advanced design study. The thesis research must be conducted while the student is enrolled in the program.

The M.S. degree, Plan I (Thesis) requires completion of a minimum of 24-semester units in approved courses, at least 20 of which must be earned in 200 series graduate-level courses exclusive of credit given for thesis research and preparation.  Also, successful submission of an acceptable thesis is also required.

Thesis Advisor / Thesis Committee

The thesis advisor supervises the thesis and the thesis committee approves it. The student selects a committee that consists of three ladder faculty of which majority (if not all) must be from the student’s graduate program/emphasis. The committee is then approved by the graduate advisor, program chair, and graduate dean.

For specific details regarding master’s degree requirements, please refer to the graduate program/emphasis website.